My horse is running away under saddle...

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My horse is running away under saddle...

Beitrag von AZ Tumbleweed » 29.05.2007 05:13:20

Hello Keith,

I have a nine year old QH Mix (possibly a lot of TB in Him) Who needs to slow seriously down. I was told he'd make a most georgeous Hunter if I can get him to slow down. He Throws his head up and down when I check him and ignores the bit, all he does is get faster and faster until I have to do a one rein stop to stop him.
Yesterday I rode him and when he got faster I wanted him to do a 20 meter circle, but he just went sideways in a tempo that I never thoght possible to go sideways. I pushed him forward and eventually he did the circle.
Any suggestions what I can do with him exercise wise?
I used a french link snaffle on him and recently switched him to a low port Kimberwick.

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Beitrag von Keith » 10.06.2007 02:43:58

Thank you for sharing your problem with me. I would like to help you and your horse. I need to know more about your horse and its past. And what do you exactly mean with "check him"?
There could be serveral causes that affect your horses' misbehaving.
First, you need to check your horses' teeth by a professional dentist. He might have pain everytime you touch her mouth with the bit and that's why he runs off.
Then, I wouldn't lope your horse as long as it's not doing what you want. Try to ride him in walk and jog - circle (direct and indirect), go straight for a few strides and circle again. Your horse learns to listen to your hands and legs. Do that for a few weeks or longer until you feel him relaxing and trusting you.
Another reason could be that your horse had bad experiences with the bit - people pulling too hard or ridden too early too much bit. That made him being afraid of the bit or learning run through it.
Please tell me more about your horse to give you an more specific advise.

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Beitrag von Gunner » 10.06.2007 03:44:13

by checking she means a half halt :wink:


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