one year in the usa?

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one year in the usa?

Beitrag von honeykiss » 05.12.2006 13:59:12

dear keith,
i´ve got a question to you :wink:
in 1 and a half year i finish my school and i want to go for one year to the usa!
i love how you ride and training your horses, and i want to ask you, if there would be any posibillity to go for one year (in 2008) to texas and learn by you?
i would be very happy if you answerd me

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Beitrag von Keith » 09.12.2006 04:52:51

Hi Christina, thanks for your nice words.

Right now i just can't tell - get back to me later.
If it won't work out, i can help you finding something else.


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